Chromeo – “Sexy Socialite” | Funky Friday Happy Song

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It’s Friday, and it’s time to get funky.

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To commemorate this weekly day of joy, we’ve got some new music for our listening delight.

Montreal based electro-funk-pop duo Chromeo released their new single “Sexy Socialite” about ten days ago, and it’s the grooviest jam I’ve heard in a long while.  Self-described as “the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture”, their goal is to make music that is “Better, Funkier, Poppier, Catchier, Happier.” — and “Sexy Socialite” seriously lives up to that ideal.

With a wacky bass line and a perfectly danceable beat, “Sexy Socialite” delivers ridiculously over-the-top vocals on top of a classic 1970’s sound. Lyrics such as “Watch out for girls that push/Guys that grab your tush” show that Chromeo really had fun with this project, and I definitely recommend giving a listen.

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Anyone want to hit up the disco this weekend?

Stay funky you fabulous readers!!