Favorite Music: 2014 Edition


Here it is. The definitive, obligatory, end-of-year “my favorites” list. If you forgot about last years’ favorites, check it out.

Here are the top 5 songs that stuck with me this year, in no particular order.

“Seasons (Waiting on You)” – Future Islands

This one had a lot of personal significance for me this year. It’s about trying to hold on to something that you love so desperately and finally realizing that it just isn’t going to work. “You know when people change/They gain a piece but they lose one too” It’s heartbreaking, really. Setting aside the personal meaning, those synths are freaking awesome, and Samuel T. Herring’s beautiful vocals hold so much conviction. I mean, check out this killer performance on the Letterman show.He really feels it, and it’s awesome shit.

“Coffee” – Sylvan Esso

“Coffee” is just a good song. Period. I can’t wait to see where Sylvan Esso goes this upcoming year.

“East of Eden” – Zella Day

Zella Day was one of my favorite new artists this year. ALL OF IT.

“Cheap Sunglasses” – RAC feat. Matthew Koma

I would love to be able to put “Let Go” here, but that was technically released in 2013. So. RAC’s “Cheap Sunglasses” was his other main single from his debut original album “STRANGERS”. It’s the perfect summer tune, and Matthew Koma’s vocals go really well with the upbeat-sunshine-pop background. Plus, I saw Matthew Koma open for Owl City in Salt Lake City in 2012, so it’s been way fun to see him rocket up in popularity.

I love all things RAC.

“Two Bodies (Extended Mix)” – Flight Facilities feat. Emma Louise

Flight Facilities is hands down one of my favorite artists. Clair De Lune. Need I say more? Their flowy house-ish songs are the perfect late night driving soundtrack, and there’s just something special about their that makes me relish my youth.

I don’t want to get old.

I know I’m missing a number of songs that had a great impact on me this year, but these 5 are the ones that clearly stuck.

A lot of shit went down in 2014, both in my personal life and in the world at large. I can’t overstate the role that music plays in my life and how it effects my memories. What were your favorites this year? What stuck with you? Let me know in the comments.

Here’s to a great 2015.