Frankie Rose – “Sea of Dreams”

First, watch this video. Because dang it is hilarious.

Stupid, adorable dog….

BAND - Frankie Rose

Aight yo. Here’s one for you.

I found this a couple of weeks ago, and my roommate Davis has simply fallen in love. And if Davis loves it, obviously you should too.

I bring you on this simply delightful hump day the “Sea of Dreams” by Frankie Rose.

A cover of The Damned’s original, good ol’ Frankie delivers a truly wonderful piece of music that really is worth listening to over and over and over.  To quote Seattle’s 107.7 THE END’s Bryce (That was a lot of possessives for one sentence. Also this quote has an explicit word, just FYI):

“…occasionally a song comes along that brings me back around and says THIS is why you love music, THIS makes you feel something, THIS is vivid, and real, and honest, and frankly, THIS is f**king great.”


OK!! So give it a listen already!!

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Love ya,