The Naked and Famous – “In Rolling Waves” | NEW ALBUM

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has arrived!!!

Known for their dreamy sound and youthful lyrics, The Naked and Famous dropped their sophomore album today and it is fantastic.  The band that brought us the iconic high school hit “Young Blood” brings us an album that both stays true to their sound but is also a bit more moody than their original album “Passive Me, Aggressive You”.  A little internet stalking reveals that the New Zealand based group has some new life experience under their belt – including a move to LA and a break up of some sort – that may help to explain their move to a slightly darker tone. However, “In Rolling Waves” still captures that same sense of youth that makes their sound so great and relatable. I have a feeling that The Naked and Famous will long have a place in my playlist, as well as many others.

UPDATE: TNAF released a Full Album Sampler on their YouTube channel. Watch it below:

Give their two singles from the album a listen (these are the only ones available online), buy the new album on iTunes (or Google Play), and let me know what you think of the new stuff!