Mr. Little Jeans – “Suburbs” (Arcade Fire Cover) | New Find

BAND - Mr. Little Jeans

If there was ever a song to get high to, this is it. (No, Mom, I don’t get high. I’m just saying this stuff is hella trippy.)

From the woman who brought us the beloved single (by me and my friend Crystal, at least) “Oh Sailor” comes a cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” and holy sh** it is delicious.

Although the piece is 2 years old now, it is just recently making another splash on music blogs across the web (like this one!!).  The silky smooth bass combined with Monica Birkenes’ seductive voice makes for a song that can’t be ignored. It basically demands a room dimly lit and full of smoke slowly rising around faces and toward the ceiling.

Soundcloud user Dion Mason describes it perfectly in the comments at 3:53 with:

“Sex. Just sex.”

And that is all. Listen here!!

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Be sure to check out her Soundcloud profile for more great tracks: