My Jam | “Fire” by Bipolar Sunshine

Five days ago, Manchester-based Bipolar Sunshine released a new song called “Love More, Worry Less”, which is really quite good. However, despite how great it is, that is not my jam for this week.

Scrolling through Bipolar Sunshine’s Soundcloud reminded me of his older single (by “old” I mean it was posted 10 months ago) “Fire”. Listening to it again now just results in the following:





And man oh man THE FEELS!!

“Fire” perfectly captures the raw emotion of a fight between two people in love. The echoing chorus is full of pain and confusion, and beautifully expresses that sense of just being lost, knowing that you should do something but absolutely not wanting to. The real kicker is when the soundbite from “The Notebook” starts playing – such a perfect moment in the song.

Give it a listen here 🙂

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