My Jam | “Come Down” by Crooked Colours

After a brief hiatus (midterms were EVIL last week), I have returned!!!

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I’m Baaaaaack

I must say I am deeply sorry for getting so behind on posts last week. To make up for it I’ve got a really great song to share with you.

BAND - Crooked Colours

Perth, Australia based band Crooked Colours have been on a roll lately with new music, and the stuff they’ve been putting out has been truly fantastic. Heavy in synth, Crooked Colours’ music has previously had a very pop feel to it (see Pop Culture), though it would seem that lately they’ve been taking a darker turn (see Moontan Nocturnal).

The band’s most recent release takes things even further that Moontan Nocturnal, with deep synths and heavier percussion.  Come Down is trippy and almost hypnotic in a way that slightly terrifies yet entirely draws you in.  With a spooky guitar progression and pensive vocals, Come Down sucks you in until the steady pulsing bass breaks into a stunning collection of sound (~2:20) that is literally pure perfection. With Come Down, Crooked Colours has delivered a beautiful exploration into experimental electro pop that leaves us begging for more.

Take a listen here, and be on the lookout for Crooked Colours sophomore EP set to release early 2014.

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