My Jam | “Old Fears” by Satchmode

BAND - Satchmode

The weekend is over.

GIF - crying

It’s ok though!! I’ve got your back. My jam this week is practically designed for soothing classic Monday sadness.

The incipient LA based group Satchmode takes their listeners on a journey with “Old Fears”, a song that perhaps reflects their current journey of relocating from the East coast to the West. The sultry synths and voluptuous vocals coupled with a steady beat is reminiscent of early synth-pop with a very modern edge. Perfect inspiration for any beginning, “Old Fears” instills feelings of hope for the future and motivation to improve. The lyric “I wanna do it right this time” is a great way to start any life-quest, and with the pulsing energy of this piece you start to feel like life can be a breeze.

May I recommend a listen?

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See?? Mondays aren’t that hard after all.

GIF - don't be cry

Kærlig hilsen,