Obscure as #*$&: David Harks – “We”

Let’s start a new thing. Let’s call it “Obscure as #*$&” and let’s do it like bi-weekly. It’ll be where I try to find something on the internet so obscure just to share it with you, and then we’ll keep it out dirty little secret so that we can all be dirty little hipsters together!

Dirty Hipsters


See, hipster.

To kick this off, I present “We” by David Harks. The perfect mix of nostalgic overtones with dreamy synth make it a great fit into all our hipster dreams. Plus, it has less than 5,500 plays (at the time of writing) so it’s really obscure and you probably haven’t heard of it. So.

Take a listen, and remember: Only share this with your friends to show how much more in tune with pop culture you are than they are!