Passion Pit – “Carry On” (Fun. Cover) | New Release

BAND - Passion Pit

You guys have to check this out.

Passion Pit’s new EP was released for sale today, and it is actually quite great. (I guess what else can you really expect from these guys?)  Only 4 songs long, the EP is a pleasant combination of new takes on old pieces and some entirely new content.

The one song that really struck me on a truly emotional level, however, was the cover of Fun.’s “Carry On”. Unburdened by the usual vocal filtering and electronic sounds that we have come to know and love from Passion Pit, lead singer Michael Angelakos’ voice soars beautifully alongside the simple piano melody.  It’s definitely a more mellow song than what you would typically expect from Passion Pit, but it’s certainly worth a listen.

Check it out:


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