Noosa – “Walk On By”

It may not be new, but it’s important. Originally released in 2013 in anticipation for the album Wonderland, Noosa’s “Walk On By” has amassed a huge number of listens and fans, and really this should not come as a surprise. With powerful piano chords bringing the song in, we are quickly overwhelmed by the beauty […]

Tycho – “L”

Originally the musical alias for Scott Hansen (he has a great design blog – check it out), Tycho has since evolved into a three-piece band. While Hansen’s solo work was genius, it really pales in comparison to the work released by the newly formed group. While not the most promoted track from the new album […]

holychild – “Happy With Me” | New Release

  These people are cool. Really, really cool. I mean, just look at that picture! They are so delightfully weird I love it. holychild just released a new single called “Happy With Me” that they are describing as “experimental pop”, and let me tell you – it is so, so weird. And that’s why I […]