The Ceremonies – “Land of Gathering” | New Video

Forget my post earlier this week: I totally have a new favorite song.

BAND - The Ceremonies

Remember the commercial for the e-commerce site that came out earlier this year? I don’t (you can watch it here), but I definitely wish I had seen it when it was released! Not only is the ad adorable and the site super cool (I promise this is not a sponsored post. It should be though.), but it also features LA-based rock band The Ceremonials and their new single “Land of Gathering.”  I don’t blame the business for using the single in their ad; the tune is upbeat and happy, with soaring harmonies and lofty lyrics characteristic of the band’s typical sound.

Composed of the three brothers Matthew, Mark, and Michael Cook, The Ceremonies just released a new music video to accompany “Land of Gathering.” The style of the video very much matches the modern romanticism of the lyrics, showing both the band in a retro-vintage style and transitioning into a classic-style animation of the three band members as small boys. Matthew, the band’s lyricist, says his writing is influenced by romantic poets William Blake and William Wordsworth, and British futurist writer Aldous Huxley. This becomes particularly apparent as the words “Maybe since we’re gone and/all is through/I’ve got such a view/I’ve got such a view” are combined with the animation blending with the live action footage in a sequence that is just beautiful.

Watch the video here, and buy the

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Love, Austen