Tom Aspaul – “Indiana” | New Release

Yes, ladies and gents, it’s only Tuesday. Which is almost as distressing as this gif of Pikachu pushing over a kitten.

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But alas, there is little one can do to get through the week other than to just grin and bear it. Like how the poor, abused kitten just gets up and keeps going. He’s trying so hard…. Pikachu is a total prick. Like Tuesdays.

OK you get it.

BAND - tom Aspaul


Meet Tom Aspaul, a London-based singer/songwriter who has just taken his first steps into the global spotlight.  Working closely with producer MNEK at Little Boots’ own label “On Repeat Records”, Aspaul recently released his début single Indiana, a hybrid disco-soul-pop-electro piece that is a strong entrance into the world-wide music scene (and very reflective of Little Boots’ own sound).

With a diverse set of influences ranging from Britney Spears to Prince, Aspaul’s sound is rich in texture and feels exceptionally polished. Indiana features bright, layered synths with peppy marimba and even cricket sound effects that results in a vibrant, infectious sound that really carries the simplistic lyrics all the way through without fear of feeling repetitive.

“People come, people go, but I’d like to get to know you now.”

I’d like to get to know you too, Tom.

Take a listen here, and how about we show this guy some love? Buy the single here on Google Play.

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