Woodkid – “Iron”

BAND Woodkid

Perhaps one of the most visionary filmmakers and artists of today, Yoann Lemoine released his album entitled “The Golden Age” under the moniker Woodkid back in March of this year. Including the major hit “I Love You”, the album also headlined with “Iron”.

And that’s what today’s post is. A stunningly beautiful film accompanied with beyond gorgeous french horns, percussion, and Woodkid’s voice.  The truth is, this song will give you chills, and it will stick with you emotionally. I highly recommend you take a look.



I’ve received a lot of comments regarding the church/temple at the end of this video. Many have noticed that it looks remarkably like a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA Mormons). Truth is, that’s exactly what it is!!

Upon further research, I have found that the temple represented in the video is, in fact, the Bern, Switzerland temple. See how similar it looks!

bern-switzerland-808x480-CWD_091110_CWills_007However, it is important to note that in the video there is no statue of the angel Moroni on top, which indicates that Woodkid is probably not explicitly referring to the Mormon faith. Rather, it would seem that his proximity to the temple growing up would have made it a symbol of religion or institution. In “Iron”, and the following video “Run Boy Run”, it makes sense that Woodkid would be making a commentary on the idea of institutionalism in general, and not specifically Mormonism.

What do you think of his inclusion of an LDS temple in the video?  I want to hear your thoughts in the comments!

May I also recommend his entire album, available for purchase from iTunes and Google Play.

Werth murch lurve,